• 100% firearm disassembling;
  • Original coating removal;
  • Repairs and manufacture of damaged or missing components;
  • New surface treatment;
  • Assembly of firearms and their subsets;
  • Verification under prearranged conditions;
  • Conservation and placing in shipping packages.
For the purpose of the abovementioned we use our own sanding machines, over 20 CNC machine tools, 3 lacquering booths and kilns, a workplace for chemical treatment of firearms (grease removal, conservation), 2 shooting ranges, 4 strongroom workshops for firearm storage.
We have experience with firearms:
Vz. 58 submachine, AK(MS) submachine, KPV(T) machine gun, NSV machine gun, DŠK machine gun, PK(M) (T) machine gun, M53 machine gun, PPS41 submachine and other, less common firearms.
Since 2011 the ANTREG, a.s. repaired, modified or in other way treated over 12,000 mostly military type guns.